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Why We Walk: Mary’s Story

We asked our volunteers and supporters to share with you why they walk in the Petathlon and why they raise funds for Save-A-Pet through this annual event. Here is a story from Save-A-Pet volunteer Mary.


Mary’s Dog Piper

“I love that Save-A-Pet is a no-kill animal rescue.  I grew up with dogs, I had one for more than 14 years and now share a home with cats.  I know the love and joy we have for our animal family members, as well as the pain we feel when they are no longer with us.  The number of animals who don’t have a choice and arrive at shelters every year is staggering but the wonderful thing about Save-A-Pet is that they provide dogs and cats get a second chance to find a forever home no matter how long it takes, so that they too can once again feel the love they are so deserving of.”


Mary’s Cat Minnie

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